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1) Your Character's Name; Race; Class/Job you plan on using as your Main.

-Ill be starting new on the Gilgamesh server and have not yet made a character just yet as the world is full because of the weekend etc. I get up at around 5am every day so hopefully, I can sneak one in then.

2) Out-of-game contact information (Skype, AIM, MSN, whatever, etc.).

- I don't really use any of these but im active in Discord

3) Why do you want to join Elegy?

-I read your post on the recruitment subreddit and it sounds like a good home. Im looking to "settle down" with a game for quite awhile and I know a Strong community will greatly help me do so.

4) Discuss your endgame experience (FFXI, 1.0, WoW, Rift, etc.) and your goals for A Realm Reborn.
If you played FFXI, What server were you on. What LS, Character name, etc?

- I tend to theme park WoW with every expansion. I at least do progression through the first raid of each xpac before friends and I get bored and wander away.

- In game I would like to eventually raid as I have heard from multiple sources that the raiding is amazing in FF. I'd also like to participate in community events and maxing out jobs.

- I played during the launch on Exodus I got MNK to 35 before, unfortunately, I could no longer subscribe.

- Fuh'Zix D'nara, No particular LS

5) Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? What do you do (work/school)? How long have you played MMORPGs? What other games have you played?

- 30

- I work in Water Treatment

- My first was WoW: Burning Crusade, haven't stopped since

- WoW,GW2,ESO,BDO, and a few others but none as seriously as WoW

6) Do you intend to be a full time raider?

- If it becomes an option I will, my schedule is pretty solid so if it matches well then I could see it as a possibility.

What days/times will you be consistently unavailable to attend events?

-Weekdays 4pm-9pm, Weekends are pretty open

What are your usual playing hours?

- Normally anytime in the afternoons

7) Do you have an security token or mobile authenticator? (If no, why the hell not?)


8) How did you hear about us? (realm forums,,,, reddit, Zam, etc.)

- FF14 Recruitment Subreddit

9) Anything else you want to share with us?

- I will be starting fresh on Gilgamesh and since I really haven't played since launch I will basically be a new player as most of the knowledge I had has been lost to the ages. That said, I'm a person who tends to do alot of research about games on my own so I shouldn't be spamming chat with "How do you _____" for most things. I look forward to hearing back soon

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