Elegy is made up of MMORPG gamers that have had a long history in the genre. Our guild members have played everything from the original EverQuest to World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and beyond. But the vast majority of our members played years of Final Fantasy XI on several servers in several high level linkshells. Our members have done everything from being part of a server first Nidhogg to defeating Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden. Many of us come from the XI servers of Ramuh and Bismarck and have a long term love of the Final Fantasy games and the MMORPG genre.

The company's leadership and many of its members have been playing together for a long time. Leading things as diverse as classic Dynamis runs right up through 25 and 10 man raiding in World of Warcraft. Our WoW guild has cleared content from Vanilla through Deathwing's demise. We've formed close friendships with each other over the years and have played multiple games together outside of the MMORPG genre. We are concerned with having a Free Company environment that is conducive to camaraderie and team work and won't tolerate childish or selfish behavior. For us, it's not entirely about loot or progression, but about accomplishing our goals efficiently while still maintaining a fun atmosphere.

We are a casual, relaxed group who plays well together. While we will be casual, we will be pushing content during our scheduled event times. We currently plan on having events run mainly during the week at times that are good for both the average Pacific timezone person as well as some East Coast players.

Our collective guild personality is one that is very light-hearted. We like to joke and goof about on event nights. We don't get insulted or upset very easily, and we like to get to know our members on a personal level. We are a fun, casual, yet dedicated group of people who like to chat about things from the mindless movies and games to the more serious theorycrafting side of things. The type of player candidate we're looking for is one that would be comfortable in this type of environment and more importantly, someone whose personality matches ours. We have very little tolerance for a player who is prone to getting upset over the slightest criticism or because he/she didn't receive a bit of gear they were pining for. Additionally, we expect all of our players to be familiar with a raiding environment, and not be upset at being sat for a better class composition or a better player based on fight dynamics and needs. We also expect our members to contribute to the guild outside of events as well, be it through running dungeons, crafting consumables/materials for the company, melding materia for company members, or offering insights and research on particular fights. We're not interested in a player who only logs on for events and is absent from free company activities the rest of the week.

Many of us have been together through multiple MMOs and have honed our skills over time. Even if raiding is a more casual thing for you, we may be the right fit for you. We will be running instances and heroics for our members to gear up as needed. We are a great group and are in it for fun and enjoyment. There are a lot of good reasons to be in a Free Company even if you plan on only playing casually. Everything from having access to friendly Crafters and Gatherers to the ability to join groups of competent and skilled players for instance farming.

To be blunt we believe recruiting for specifics of 24 man raiding/events in Final Fantasy XIV is premature. We look at the game as a long term investment and believe the way to have fun in a game where any one can level any job as something that will shift with time. We believe it is too early to be able to set a "Raid Team" as other Free Companies have been doing before launch. Because 24 man raiding is a new type of content for FFXIV we have no real jumping off point to know what specific roles will be needed in such content. How many tanks will a 24 man raid need? 1?2?4? How many healers will we need? We simply can not go into launch knowing what we need to in order to make a full raid team while blind to the requirements.

That being said, we do plan on participating in the End Game content that will be available at launch. We are recruiting in ALL aspects of gameplay. Whether it be the Casual player, the hardcore crafter or gatherer, or the hardcore or casual raider. Our members have been all of the above in the past and we will continue to accept good people and good players going forward.

Once Launch hits we will be working on creating 3 8 man teams to participate in Primal and Dungeon content. We will then consolidate into a single 24 man group with the goal of completing combat in a fun and efficient manner.

We distribute loot based on raid priority. This means, for specific progression requirements like tank gear and special items will be distributed based on loot council. We will ensure that our highest DPS, our tanks and our healers are given the gear needed. We have been playing MMOs for nearly a decade and we do not feel the need to deal with DKP systems or Loot Council discussions on generic loot. Loot is simply given to those players that show up routinely and require the item to better help the group as a whole. Everyone loves getting loot, but we are a group (a family) and what's good for the goose is good for the gander.